A lot of people are asking my opinion of what I thought of it. To be honest, I loved it. It was the ending I never knew I wanted until it happened. I LOVED Ted and Robin, and I LOVED Ted and Tracy. And somehow… I got both. Ted loved Tracy. They had a good 11 years together. And Ted got the family he always wanted. Although he loved Robin, and probably always would… she could never give him that. Same goes for Robin’s career. 

Yes, Tracy’s passing was awful, but in a weird, a hauntingly beautiful way, it kind of makes sense. She waited 6 years after Max died to find true love again. Ted waited 6 years after Tracy died to find true love again. 

The Swarkles divorce was terrible, I’ll give you that. But as Barney said, i just don’t think he is that guy that can go the distance. But this was totally restored when he met his daughter. He thought he could never love a women with all his heart. But in the end, he did. He loved Ellie. He finally found the love he could go the distance with. 

Swarkles had to divorce, for everyone to truly be happy. They had to divorce so Ted and Robin could rekindle what they had. And what they had was real. I mean, the only reason they broke up in the first place was because they wanted different things! Their amazing love, which we followed for 9 years, is still their… and somehow… with this finale… everyone got what they wanted. Including Tracy, since she got to be with Max.

We found out something VITAL in the finale. Ted wasn’t telling his kids about how he met their mother (THATS WHY THE SHOW IS DEVIOUSLY NAMED HAHA)… He is telling them the story to see if his kids would be okay if he ended up with Robin. And of course, they are. 

I honestly think, in time, however long that may be… that people will appreciate the finale for what it is. 

Hauntingly beautiful.

remember in 9x22 robin said, “You know what legendary is? Not real!”

and at the end of the episode, right after they got married, future ted said “and it was legendary”.

i knew there was more to that.


Exclusive How I Met Your Mother Cast Photo (Season 8)

Exclusive How I Met Your Mother Cast Photo (Season 8)

Step 16: Hope she says yes

When I let a day go by without talking to you… umm, that day is just no good.

When I let a day go by without talking to you… umm, that day is just no good.

Step 16: Hope she says yes

Step 16: Hope she says yes

Once you have chemistry, there’s only one other thing you need.


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"It’s gonna be…"